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Muskoka Run - 2023

Image by Joshua Hibbert
muskoka run.png

Event Partner

2023 Season Opener

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Muskoka Run, the most thrilling driving event this side of the border! In the beautiful Muskoka region, where the trees are tall and the roads are twisted, ready to take on the ultimate driving challenge.

The day begins early in the morning, as the sun rises over the stunning landscape. We'll gather our cars and hit the road, ready to take on the Muskoka Twisted road. This is a driver's paradise, with twists and turns that will test your skills and push your car to the limit. It's a true test of the driver and machine.

But that's just the beginning. After the drive, we'll head to the race track, where the real fun begins. We'll have the track to ourselves for the afternoon, and we'll be pushing our cars to the limit. It's a chance to really let loose, to feel the power of your engine and the grip of your tires as you tear around the track at top speed.

And it's not just about speed, It's about the thrill of the drive.

So come on down to Muskoka and join us for the ultimate driving adventure. This is the Muskoka Run, and it's a day you'll never forget.



Spots are limited, get in touch and save your spot

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